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Obamalady Politics

OBAMA'S PLAN - Yeah, its that simple- no more deductions for your mortgage, property taxes, charitable deductions, work uniforms, etc. To the tune of about $100/week higher taxes for most middle class families...

IN ERIC HOLDER'S WORLD... - Asking a black voter for an ID is intimidation, but Black Panthers scaring white people is not.

SHOVEL-READY JOBS - He wasn't kidding! It will take years to rebuild our country and our retirement funds.

DON'T BLAME CAPITALISM - Greenspan Says that less competent workers will earn less money- Gee, that's not Capitalism's fault, but the individual's fault.

CHANGE WE CAN FINALLY BELIEVE IN - Now that's an immutable truth!

REDEFINING THE RACE CARD - Liberals have now decided that being on a first-name basis is racist!

36 OF 457 OBAMA STAFFERS - owe $833,000 in back taxes. I thought Democrats WANTED to pay MORE taxes!! I guess that is just for business people and not government or union workers.

STATE OF THE UNION SPEECH - This is where President Obama will update us with his administrations progress in their war against jobs and wealth.

JAN BREWER - Daring to do what the rest of us only dream about...giving the marxist-in- chief a piece of our mind.... Elections have consequences...Voting matters

THE MAGICAL MISERY TOUR - Sometimes you just gotta call em like you see em.

THE MAGICAL MISERY TOUR - Self-explanatory

FALSE PROPHET - Lets add an Economic Ponzi Scheme to the list as well


WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET - The only place the Obama regime wants to drill! To heck with job creation, you've still got cash in your wallet, home equity and retirement account that they can't wait to spend!

"NO NEW TAXES" - "The American people understand that tax hikes destroy jobs,"

OBAMALAISE - The hope and change everyone is SO over with

SMARTEST ONE IN THE ROOM - They say that he thinks he's always the smartest one in the room. We don't buy his lies- Smartest? No, Smarmiest- yes

CAPTAIN OBVIOUS - "The left uses colleges for indoctrination" No shit sherlock! (guess what Rick- they dominate the media too)

BARRY SINGS AL GREEN - Sure, he'd outlast Steve Tyler (Star-spangled banner rendition at Foxboro) as a contestant on American Idol, but I'm sure Steve would be better at being POTUS!

AL QAEDA - Obama: No longer a Threat Panetta: Still a threat Guess who I believe (hint, not the snake oil peddler)

IT'S OFFICIAL - Our government is afraid of us and wants to be able to shut the internet off like China and Iran does.

BAM BAM OBAMMY'S REGIME - admits that its going to take a very long time for the economy to recover. Hope and change FAIL. Blame everyone and fail to look in the mirror... you are suffocating our economy